About us

Welcome to the Elite Tae Kwon Do Academy

Elite Taekwondo Academy aims to teach the traditional style in a pressure free environment. We don’t believe in making people pay large sums of money for various umpire/referee/instructors courses in order to progress like some other Taekwondo organisations. We also believe that progressing through grades should be based on the students skill and hard work, rather than how much money they are willing to pay.

We do teach a martial art and therefore do not completely concentrate on the sporting aspect of Taekowndo, like many schools. There are some schools that say they teach a martial art when they really only teach their students sparring for use in semi contact point sparring, which is completely ineffective for practical self defence applications or any kind of full contact fighting. With this in mind we teach hae sul which is in-depth analysis of the forms to discover their fighting application.

We teach pad work using Thai pads and kick shields (for more powerful straight kicks) allowing a realistic striking surface as opposed to spongy, soft “smartie pads” (which are really only useful for children). We also teach useful pad work which includes hand, elbow, knee, foot techniques and knee strikes from clinch position, which can all be found in the hyeongs (forms). We teach our students how to throw their techniques with power and correct technique, this is in contrast with some other Taekwondo schools who only teach their students to “play tag”